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Why practice Tai Chi?

  • Because you will become calmer

  • Because you will become more energetic

  • Because your posture will improve

  • Because you will move better

  • Because you will sleep better

  • Because you will get stronger

  • Because you will develop balance

  • Because you will develop awareness

  • Because Tai Chi is a fascinating practice that is deeper than any other...


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Beyond ordinary


Tai Chi is a form of alchemy. It can transform a persons mind and body. Anxiety and stress become calmness and relaxation. Stiff movement becomes fluid and an imbalanced posture moves towards equilibrium.

During and after your first class you may notice pleasant sensations. These feelings will become stronger over time because as you release tension, you will gain energy.

Tai Chi is a form of Qigong. Qigong translates as energy work.
Whether you believe in Qi energy or not doesn't really matter.
When you practice Tai Chi you will feel something and you can call it whatever you like.


Sam Langley

Sam Langley is a Professional Tai Chi teacher based in Bristol.

He has a real passion for the internal arts and is equally happy teaching the Health, Meditation or Martial aspects of Tai Chi.


Sam's aim is to help people become calmer, stronger, healthier and happier and believes Tai Chi to be the best method for achieving this.


He is a keen practitioner as well as a teacher and spends a lot of time developing his own skills. 

Sam has been practicing Chen style Tai Chi for over 14 years and teaching for 9 years.

As well as running regular classes Sam also teaches 1 to 1. If you want to improve quickly private lessons are best and can be tailored to your specific interests and needs.

As well as teaching Tai Chi Sam is also an Artist and a musician. He lives in Bristol with his wife and 2 daughters

"Learning Tai Chi with Sam has improved my posture and helped me to feel more relaxed and grounded. He is a great teacher and a lovely guy, and his dedication and passion for Tai Chi is really inspiring"


"I have found Tai Chi to be a great way to relax :) Planning to practice it for the rest of my life. And, Sam is a very patient and kind teacher."



1 to 1 Tai Chi Bristol


To go deeper into Tai Chi, 1 to 1 sessions are best.

In a private session there is more time and space for your individual interests and needs.