What to eat

My food philosophy is simple. I cook using only whole foods, little or no animal products and preferably organic. For me, there has to be a balance between health and flavour. If it doesn't taste good I'm not interested so whilst using cooking fats is probably not good for you they do add flavour. If you deep fry everything that's not going to be beneficial to your health but a little olive oil? That's fine with me. 


I advocate mainly eating Greens, beans, nuts, seeds, berries and wholegrains. If your diet has enough of these it will contain all the nutrition you need (apart from vitamin B12 which is best taken as a supplement). I would strongly recommend reading 'How not to die' by Dr Michael Greger for more detail on diet. Don't be put off by the title!

In order to eat well you need to be interested in food. Spend time thinking about what you're going to eat. Food should be a priority in your life.

With this in mind, you may find some of my recipes are short on detail. It's up to you to try them out, adapt them and make them your own. When it comes to exact amounts and cooking times I won't always give them to you unless it's vitally important. You don't need me to tell you how many cupfuls of oats to use.

Yellow Thai Chickpea and broccoli curry


Oil free granola

Fermented cashew cheese

Black bean burgers

Kale powder


Sea beet sag aloo


Nettle soup


Cauliflower falafels

Penne with mushroom pesto and asparagus

Not fried Stir fry

Chocolate miso truffles

Red lentil dhal


Chilli sin carne

Overnight oats


Cleavers pesto

Fermented potatoes