I was chatting with a friend about Masterchef. I really detest the programme but I was struggling to explain why. My friend is a filmmaker and cameraman and he gave me a good explanation of what the problem is. 'It has no humanity' He said 'It's too polished'. He was right, every mistake is edited out and the result makes for very cold watching.

It is our imperfections that help make us likeable. Can you imagine perfect beauty or a perfect personality? These things only exist conceptually and not in reality.

We're all flawed and that's fine.

Embracing your shortcomings can be liberating. Consider the possibility that everyone can see through any front you put up, any pretence is utterly transparent. If this is the case then it's best to simply relax and be happy with the way you are.

Working as a Hypnotherapist for many years has taught me something important. When you're helping people overcome problems you may feel pressure to be perfectly happy yourself. People who see a therapist or a teacher of some kind may indeed project this on to them. This is unrealistic and not a good way to treat yourself or someone else.

The pursuit of happiness for its own sake is doomed to failure. I prefer the word content. I myself, am pretty content most of the time. Happiness implies some kind of excitement and is always fleeting. Contentment is more of an underlying feeling that is much more consistent.

Trying to be or to make anything perfect will only frustrate you. I am a musician and an artist and remember the day when I dropped perfectionism for good.

Ever since that moment, inspiration has been relentless. Music, drawing and writing all do themselves and I simply don't have enough time to capture it all.

It wasn't always this way. My art was highly detailed and my music was highly complex. I would refine and refine things and was very precious. I remember looking at a quick doodle I'd done and thinking that it had something that was missing from my other work, a certain honesty. Now I just create and I don't care about imperfections, in fact, I welcome them as they add personality.

I am imperfect and so is this article. It doesn't have a good ending in which I make my final eloquent point.....and that's o.k.

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