I am impatient to start writing, ideas are coming to me thick and fast and I need to write them down but first I'll finish my practice.

This morning I awoke at 5:30 and stood still in my garden for an hour. The sun rose to my left and sparrows burst through the fence to my right, squawking loudly.

When I stand for a long time, inspiration often floods my mind. Things to write, things to draw, and music to make. It's as though my brain can't stand to be inactive and so comes up with a million reasons to stop standing still and go and DO something.

It's an interesting experiment with consciousness.

I'm impatient. Well, that's not entirely true, it's more that I have a tendency to hurry and it's not a good thing. A glass of wine is gone in a flash round my house!

What I should do is learn to slow down, which I do practice every day. Tai Chi has to be taken slowly. You can't rush the process and even though that's my impulse I try not to, after all, what's the big hurry?

At this point, I have a lot of different exercises and forms to practice. There's not enough time to do them all even though I want to. What I do is practice the fundamentals. Standing, silk reeling, and some Yiquan. Only after these basic exercises will I do any forms. What seems to have happened recently is that the amount of time I train the basics has expanded. Yesterday all I did was standing and silk reeling.

People who know me might disagree when I say I'm impatient. I can concentrate on a task for hours and have always had this ability. I find it easy to be patient in the midst of activity but harder when doing very little. On holiday, I'm glad to have my Tai Chi because sitting on a beach makes me twitchy.

After practicing for a couple of hours, however, I'm quite content to do very little.

Tai Chi has definitely made me more patient over the years as meanwhile, the world around me has become more frenetic. I feel like I've slowed down and everyone else has sped up.

I take my time in conversations now and often notice that whoever I'm talking to is becoming distracted. This could be one of two things, either I'm getting more boring as I age (which is highly probable) or people around me are getting more impatient.

It seems obvious that attention spans are shrinking. Everyone wants to be constantly entertained these days and our capacity to just simply be is becoming severely impaired.

For me the solution is Tai Chi, for you, it could be something else.

Yesterday my daughter and I took a walk in Greenbank cemetery. Our walk was aimless and took about 2 and a half hours. I felt no hurry to get anywhere or do anything and this is a feeling I want to experience more.

Tai Chi Beginners Course starts May 25th!