Walking and talking

Slumping in a chair isn't conducive to positive thought.

Walking is very therapeutic. Go for a walk and you figure things out. You always feel better afterwards. I don't think it's just the exercise that does you good there's something else. Walking in nature is best, we need some of the green frequency in our lives.

When you go for a walk with a friend it's a form of therapy. Just walking and talking makes you feel a lot better.

I have a lot of my best ideas whilst walking and one that gradually evolved was Hypnotic Qigong. On my way back from teaching my over 50's Tai Chi class I had the idea that combining Simple Qigong exercises with Hypnotic affirmations could be really powerful.

At the end of the class, I had done some very simple Hypnosis and looking around the room it was apparent how much people were engaging with it.

Of course, I was very aware of the power of Hypnosis but it seemed to work even better after an hour of Tai Chi practice.

If you've warmed up your body, you're in a state more conducive to relaxation.

It gradually came together in my mind. What if my Hypnotherapy sessions took place outside? What if we were walking and talking instead of being stuck in a stuffy room?

What would happen if I put it all together, Hypnotherapy, Qigong, and being outside?

The more I thought about it the more certain I became.

The purpose of my walking and talking sessions is to help you relax. But it's not enough to just help you feel better during the session, I want to give you tools that you can use daily to maintain a healthy mind.

My sessions involve walking and talking interspersed with Hypnotic Qigong exercises.

What will we talk about? Who knows, but it will be solution-focused.

I trained as a solution-focused Hypnotherapist over 13 years ago and have always favoured this approach to therapy.

The premise is elegantly simple: Focus on problems and you feel bad, Focus on Solutions and you feel good. I don't need to know about your childhood I want to know about what you can do to feel better. Unlike a more analytical Freudian approach, It's very practical and based firmly on neuroscience.

I enjoy helping people overcome Anxiety and Stress but I'd rather not do it trapped within four walls. I don't want to feel drained, I'd rather finish a session feeling energized. In the healing rooms where I used to practice Hypnotherapy, there were lots of therapists. I always noticed that those that did talking therapies were the least healthy-looking especially when they were busy. I think that It's of vital importance for a therapist to be healthy.

You need to have the energy and resources to help others.

I take care of myself. I eat well, sleep well and exercise well. This means that when you come and see me, I can help.

Tai Chi Beginners Course starts May 25th!