Is it possible to change? I believe it is.

I know that people change because I see it happen all the time. People give up bad habits and create positive changes in their lives when they adopt new ways of thinking.

The way you think affects the way you feel and it is perfectly possible to change the way you think. Your subconscious mind is not discerning. Whatever you repeatedly tell it, it will believe. What kind of thoughts do you tend to think? If you suffer from anxiety, stress and depression there's a good chance they are predominantly negative.

If you can become more aware of your thoughts you will observe that negative thinking creates unpleasant feelings. 'But I can't change the way I think' you may say and that is that. You have just uttered a powerful affirmation. Imagine flipping that sentence around and saying 'I can change the way I think' what would happen then?

This is self-hypnosis. We all go in and out of trance states throughout the day. Whether they are positive or negative are up to you. I'm not suggesting that you should attempt to control every single thought that comes into your head but you can become more aware.

Start by simply noticing your thoughts more. All that is required to do this is intention. Once you become more aware of your thoughts, you can practice turning the bad ones around. How can you do this? Simply by replacing them with positive affirmations. If you find yourself thinking 'I can't' then tell yourself 'I can'. It might not happen over night but gradually you will notice a shift in how you feel.

Of course, you're perfectly entitled to be sceptical. You can believe whatever you like...and that is my point!

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