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Reduce Stress in the workplace

Sam Langley is a Professional Private Tai Chi teacher based in Bristol. He has been practicing Chen style Tai Chi for over

13 years and teaching for 8 years.

He has worked with many local businesses, including Airbus and The Bank of Ireland. 

  • Loss of productivity caused by stress costs companies millions every year.

  • Tai Chi can significantly reduce stress and boost performance in the workplace.

  • In the UK companies are increasingly turning to Tai Chi as a solution to stress.



Beyond ordinary


Tai Chi differs from other martial arts and forms of exercise. A Tai Chi form is far more than mere choreography. When you move, you are exercising your mind and your awareness as well as your body. Over time your consciousness gradually expands and you become more and more aware of your movement and your internal workings.


Tai Chi is considered to be a form of Qigong or energy work and regular practice will give you some very pleasant sensations. The more you practice the stronger these feelings will grow. 


Tai Chi is an internal form of Gongfu. A traditional Chinese explanation of the practice might be that you are working with Qi. By relaxing deeply and moving in specific ways you improve and strengthen the flow of energy throughout the body. From a modern Western perspective, we might say that we are exercising the fascia or internal connective tissue. It's interesting to note that the ancient diagrams of meridians in the body look very similar to modern diagrams of the myofascial network.

The whole body strength one gains from practicing an internal art is very different from the segmented and imbalanced strength of most other forms of exercise. 

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