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What is Yigong?
Yigong is a mind body practice that incorporates elements of Tai Chi and Yiquan.
Most people find it easy to learn and the benefits can be felt almost immediately.
By practicing simple exercises a person can simultaneously improve their posture, increase their energy levels and calm their mind.
Regular practice will yield a great sense of well being. 

Most people are quite tense. Yigong can help you become much more relaxed, both mentally and physically, because it is an internal practice.

Is it the same as Qigong?

Qigong means energy work. Yigong is the name Sam has given to his unique brand of Qigong. 

What is unique about Yigong?
Yigong combines the most important Qigong practices from Chen style Tai Chi and Yiquan. There are no complex forms to learn and the focus is on the health rather than the martial side of things. Some exercises incorporate self-hypnosis and visualization to aid relaxation.


Sam Langley

Sam Langley is a Professional Qigong and Tai Chi teacher based in Bristol.

He has a real passion for the internal arts and is equally happy teaching the Health, Meditation or Martial aspects.

He is a keen practitioner as well as a teacher and spends a lot of time developing his own skills. 

Sam has been practicing Chen style Tai Chi for over 14 years and teaching for 9 years.

If you are interested in learning Chen style Tai Chi and internal Kung fu Sam teaches the more martial side of these arts 1 to 1.

Sam's approach is straight forward, holistic and unique.

He incorporates aspects of Hypnotherapy in his teaching as it helps students to relax more effectively.

Sam is also a board certified Hypnotherapist as well as an Artist and a musician. He lives in Bristol with his wife and 2 daughters

"Learning Tai Chi with Sam has improved my posture and helped me to feel more relaxed and grounded. He is a great teacher and a lovely guy, and his dedication and passion for Tai Chi is really inspiring"


"I have found Tai Chi to be a great way to relax :) Planning to practice it for the rest of my life. And, Sam is a very patient and kind teacher."


Yigong Classes
Monday 6pm - 7pm
Friday 9am - 10am

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Chen Tai Chi 1 to 1

As well as Yigong, Sam also teaches Chen style Tai Chi 1 to 1.

Chen Tai Chi is a martial art as well as a health practice and although much of the movement is slow and graceful it can also be fast and explosive.


Through deep relaxation, slow movement and correct posture a practitioner strengthens their connective tissue and eventually develops whole body power.

The Chen system is very deep and contains several forms including those with weapons. Sam is always happy to focus on whatever a student wants to practice.


A private lesson is £45 and lasts between 1 and 2 hours.  Sam is based in Greenbank, Easton, Bristol. Contact Sam to arrange a lesson.