It's not always easy but it is simple, focus on your problems and you feel bad, focus on solutions and you feel good.

Sam Langley


Walking and talking 

Holistic therapy for Anxiety and Stress in Bristol

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Sam's sessions are unique. They take place outdoors and involve walking, talking and Hypnotic Qigong. After your first session, you'll receive a Hypnotherapy download to listen to at home. 
The combination of Solution-focused therapy, Hypnosis and Qigong is extremely powerful and although 6 sessions are recommended many people feel calmer even after just 1 session.
The goal is for you to learn to maintain a healthy mind. Sam will not only give you exercises and techniques but also knowledge of what causes Stress and Anxiety.

Sam's approach is holistic because he believes working with the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the physical body is the surest path to contentment.


To book a session or for more information contact Sam using the pink button. The first session is free.

Sam Langley HPD DHP


Sam qualified as a Hypnotherapist in 2009 and was awarded a diploma in Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy (DHP), which is considered to be the gold standard. He received his training at The Clifton Practice, a renowned establishment in the field of Hypnotherapy.

For over a decade, Sam has helped people with Anxiety, Stress and Depression,

using the Solution-focused Hypnotherapy methods that he was taught to great success. 

As a serious practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi and Qigong, Sam now favours a more holistic approach, combining Hypnotherapy with simple Qigong and walking.

Sam has an excellent success rate and because of this much of his business comes from recommendations. As a result, he is very busy and may not always be able to fit you in straight away.

If you are experiencing Anxiety, Stress or any related disorders, don't hesitate to get in touch.

What is Hypnotherapy?


Throughout the day you are going in and out of trance states. Daydreaming is Self-Hypnosis. Unfortunately many of us go into negative trance states, worrying about the future and regretting the past. Negative thinking quickly results in feelings of Anxiety and so you need a way to change your habits.

Hypnotherapy involves Hypnosis. When you voluntarily enter a trance state and hear positive words, your thinking will change. In a short time you will feel a lot better. Unwanted patterns of behaviour will cease and your life will become much easier.

You can either contact Sam to book a one to one walking and talking session or download a Self-Hypnosis mp3.


Hypnotic Qigong


Learn 3 very simple exercises right now and feel calmer in minutes...

What is Hypnotic Qigong and why is it so effective? Find out when you watch the video using the orange button below.

'Meeting with Sam and having someone to talk to whilst walking in nature, for me was a perfect combination of body and mind work. Talking and being in nature, together with Tai Chi, brought a sense of groundedness and calmness to me at the time, and it continued throughout my day. And this sense of calm increased over time.

Sam’s knowledge is extensive about both the mind and body and he brings a lightness to inner work.

Talking about sometimes difficult issues around my anxiety isn't always easy but Sam brought a sense of ease with which to work within. Most importantly, my sessions with Sam gave me a clear road forward in being able to notice and sit with what I was feeling, and I felt empowered to work towards solutions to help myself.

The Hypnotherapy recordings that Sam gave to me to do at home were soothing and they really helped! I found that as each day passed, whilst listening to them every evening, the anxiety that I felt really shifted. They are something I re-listen to when I feel I need them, and I am so amazed at the difference that they have made to my resilience to know that I have a way to help myself when I need it.'